Reading my translation (French to English) of Ananda Devi’s short story, “The Sad Ambassador” at book launch of “I Even Regret Night: Holi Songs of Demerara” (Kaya Press, 2019), written by Lalbihari Sharma and translated by Rajiv Mohabir at Other Books, Los Angeles, March 2019

Reading of my short fiction, "Ladies Special" and roundtable on creative writing, hybrid forms, publishing and literary gatekeeping with local authors Aline Ohanesian and Roxanne Varzi, "Hybridity as Resistance: Storytelling through Diverse Arts," for Women's History Month, LibroMobile, Santa Ana, March 2018  

Participant in the panel "Navigating the publishing industry as a South Asian writer," South Asian Art Week, University of California, Los Angeles, May 2017

Reading of my short story, "Excursion," Andrew W. Mellon Reunion Conference titled 'Minor Transnationalism 2.0,' UCLA, May 2017

Reading of my short story, "Ladies Special," UC-AFT Professional Showcase, UCLA, February 2017

Reading of my short fiction, “Blue and Brown” and “Kundalini” (my short stories), Bennington College, Graduate Reading, MFA residency, June 2016

Reading of Roxane Gay’s short story “The Harder They Come” in Ayiti , World Lit Café,  Bennington MFA residency, January 2016

Reading of my short story “Silk Stole” (my short story),  Annual Mellon Postdoctoral Reunion Conference titled ‘Worlding the Minor: Poetics of Distant Relations,’ UCLA, March 2015            


As Moderator and Speaker:

“MFA or PhD vs WOC.” AWP Annual Convention, San Antonio March 2020

Moderator, “Crafting the untold Tale,” conference panel for Centering the Margins: Conversations with Writers of Color, UC, San Diego and San Diego Central Library, March 1-3, 2019

As Organizer & Presenter:

“Contemporary Multi-ethnic American Fiction: Obsessions and Innovations” and “New Directions in Postcolonial Writing: A Passage through South Asia.” AWP Annual Convention, Los Angeles, April 2016

 As Speaker/Presenter:

“Asian, American, and in-between: storytelling beyond the white gaze.” AWP Annual Convention, San Antonio March 2020

“Mining the Everyday: Using Real Life Experiences as Creative Research.” AWP Annual Convention, Portland, March 2019

“Inheriting the Future: Cross-pollinations of Race and Translation”  Roundtable Speaker, The American Literary Translators’ Association 39: Translations and Crossings, Oakland, California, October 6-9, 2016

"Orality, Identity, and Contemporary Multiethnic Short Story" 14th International Conference on the Short Story in English. Theme: Influence and Confluence in the Short Story: East and West. East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, July 2016

 “Oceanic Studies, Nautical Geneses, and a Mauritian Poetics of Sea Vessels” Annual Mellon Conference titled ‘Global Circuits, Interrupted,’ UCLA, May 2012

“Ecopoetics, Geopoetics and the Beach in Francophone Island Literature” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Seattle, January 2012

“Paradise, Parody or Paradox? : The Beach, Ecology and Place in Postcolonial Island Literature” Annual Mellon Conference titled ‘Itinerant Affiliations,’ UCLA, April 2011

“Historicizing the Playground: The Beach and Empire in Postcolonial Island Literature”  Annual Conference of Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies, Institut  Français, London, November 2010, and International conference on Caribbeanness, Creoleness, and World literature at Cave Hill Campus, Barbados, October 2010

“Paradise, Parody or Paradox? : The Beach in the Contemporary Mauritian Novel”  International conference titled ‘La Culture de l'île Maurice: Entre Mots et Images,’ Mauritius, June 2009

 International conference titled ‘Indicities/Ind(o)ices: Hybridity in Indian Ocean Literature,’ Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, April 2009

“Another Poetics of the Boat: Travel, History and Insularity in Mauritian Fiction” Second International Women-in-French Conference, University of North Texas, April 2008

“The Islands Within:  Repeating Alterity in Contemporary Mauritian Fiction” International conference on Ananda Devi and contemporary Mauritian women writers, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, November-December 2007

 “L’hybridité dysphorique dans l’Aventure Ambiguë”  International conference titled ‘Boundaries and Limits of Post-colonialism: Anglophone, Francophone, Global.’  Florida State University, November--December 2006

 “The Oriental Discourse in Marcel Proust’s A La Recherche du Temps Perdu”  Annual GRA Colloquium, and Annual Graduate Humanities Forum Conference, University of Pennsylvania, March 2004


“Orality and the use of Vernacular in Contemporary Multiethnic Short Fiction” Bennington College, Graduate Lecture, MFA residency, June 2016

“Introduction to the Modern Short Story”  Mittal College & Mittal Institute of Management, I.T. and Research, Mumbai, India, December 2014

“Cross-Cultural Understanding: Teaching and Learning Styles in India and the U.S.”  Mittal College, December 2006